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totalsheetsadmin Staff asked 2 years ago

There are some known issues that users may encounter when working with TotalSheets. They are mostly web browser specific and may be resolved in the next version or are unresolvable (at least in the nearest future).

  • Poor loading performance in Edge – we encourage users to use other web browsers.
  • Cell borders may not line up by 1 pixel with the grid lines in some web browsers.
  • Current version (0.9.0) does not support mobile devices. Users still can try to open spreadsheets on their mobiles, but may encounter problems with sheet visibility.
  • Pasting copied data from external resources may not work for some web browsers (Opera).
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totalsheetsadmin Staff answered 2 years ago

Some formatting (bold, font size, etc) of a large amount of cells can still freeze a browser for some time. Either select less number of cells and process in stages or give it time to process everything.