Questions & AnswersCategory: IssueCopy paste from excel to totalsheet makes the web hang
Javier asked 2 years ago

I have created a new sheet and copy the information from an already existing excel on my computer. When I paste it on TotalSheet it stops responding. I will need to close the browser and open it again losing all the information.

2 Answers
totalsheetsadmin Staff answered 2 years ago

Unfortunately this is a performance issue. The more data you copy the longer time it requires to process. I will look into this at the earliest possible time.
Can you check and report if the same happens with a more/less amount of data?

totalsheetsadmin Staff answered 2 years ago

It has been partially sorted out. It still requires some time to process for a substantial amount of data, but at least user can see progress of pasted data. It will be impemented in the new version planned for 12th of Nov.