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What is TotalSheets and how you can use it?

TotalSheets is a platform that offers you all the tools you need to create a fully functional online spreadsheet. Similar to Google Sheets in concept, but with the intention to give a greater control to owners over the appearance of their published spreadsheets.

If you’ve ever used MS Excel, Google Sheets or any other spreadsheet platform before, you will adapt and use our spreadsheets without any hassle.

You can publish your content as a spreadsheet or a static table (as of Oct ’18 – still in development). Appearance of each sheet can be customized and the access to some or all cells can be granted to users.​

By allowing others to edit the cells you can create your web applications. And they don’t have to look like the spreadsheets. Menu, toolbar and formula bar are not available in published mode. Additionally, user can turn off the grids, row and column headers or change background colour (more options to come).


TotalSheets menu

The menu bar consists of 5 main tabs:

  • Main
  • Edit
  • Format
  • Insert
  • Tools

We will discuss each item below.


Spreadsheet settings – specify the global settings for your spreadsheet.

Sheet settings – set the settings specific for the current sheet.

Publish – publish your spreadsheet to others. Specify mode (spreadsheet or static table [as of Oct ’18 still in development]) and limit the accessibility to the spreadsheet – you can make it available to all, only to the TotalSheets users or only to the specific users.

Save speadsheet as new – duplicate current spreadsheet.

Copy sheet – duplicate current sheet in spreadsheet.


Undo / Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste – self-explanatory.

Paste special – This function allows you to paste only values or only properties from copied / cut cell(s).

Find and replace – Find and replace text in the current sheet. Check ‘Match case’ and/or ‘Match entire cell content’. Replace single or all matches at once.

Remove row / column – self-explanatory.

Clear cell – clear all content of the selected cell(s).

Clear comment – remove cell comment.

Sort – sort column(s) or range. Select ‘sort by column’ and order of sorting.

Delete sheet – delete current sheet.

Move sheet – change order of the sheet in the sheet tabs bar.


Cell format – opens a window where you can change cells’s format: General, Number, Currency, Date, Percentage, Custom Number, Custom Text.

Font size – choose font size for the cell(s).

Border – specify borders for the cell(s).

Align – text align (horizontal and vertical) for the cell(s).

Text wrapping – change to wrap or no wrap.

Row height / Column width – set dimensions in pixels. The row or column header(s) need to be selected to activate this option.

Clear formatting – remove formatting for the selected cell(s).


New row / New column – new row(s) or column(s) will be inserted before the selected one(s).

New sheet – new sheet will be added at the end of sheet tab panel. Move the sheet to desired location with ‘Move sheet’ function.

Chart – insert a chart into the selected cell. Currently users can choose a chart from RGraph or jQuery Sparklines libraries (more to come).

Image – add an image (currently only link to image). Choose mode:

  • 1 – stretch image to cell width, keep aspect ratio
  • 2 – stretch image to cell size, no aspect ratio
  • 3 – stretch image to given size (in pixels), keep aspect ratio
  • 4 – stretch image to given size (in pixels), no aspect ratio

Link – add a link to external website.

Comment – add a comment to the selected cell.

Function – insert a predefined function. Currently approximately 150 functions are available (more to come).


Add function – create your own function. Specify name, arguments and function body – JavaScript syntax applies. User can use existing functions too.

Manage functions – edit or delete user functions.


TotalSheets toolbar


The toolbar includes most of available functionality described above plus a couple of options, which are not in the menu. They are:

Font – choose a font for the selected cell(s).

Font properties – specify bold, italic, underline and strikethrough for the selected cell(s).

Superscript / Subscript – add superscript / subscript to the selected text in the cell.

Merge / Unmerge – merge or unmerge selected cells.

Text color – specify colour of text in the selected cell(s).

Fill color – specify colour of fill in the selected cell(s).

Formula Bar

TotalSheets formula bar


Formula bar is a place where the user can edit the content of cell. There is a grip bar beneath, which allows to expand the edit area. There are also additional two buttons:

Function – opens a window with predefined functions.

Expand – expand formula bar to full screen formula editor. The formula editor helps to present content of cell in more organised way (you can split a formula into lines with tabs).

Sheet Tabs Bar

TotalSheets tab bar

The users can change order of tabs either in Edit menu or by clicking & dragging selected tab.


Decimal separator

Currently only a decimal point can be used.

More description for each item will be added subsequently in the following weeks.