Publish Spreadsheet

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Users can share their spreadsheets to the public or to the registered users only (share to the selected users is in development).


There are two properties that need to be specified before publishing:

  • Accessibility:
    • Public access for all – the spreadsheet is accessible by all visitors.
    • All registered users – the spreadsheet is accessible only by all registered users.
    • Only registered and selected users – this option is still in development, but will allow to select users for access.
  • Additional options:
    • Allow spreadsheet copy – select it if you let other users to copy your spreadsheet.
    • Add to main page – after review your spreadsheet will be announced on our website.
  • Mode:
    • Table – it allows to publish spreadsheet as a simple html table (only for text/number values).
    • Spreadsheet – default value – owner can allow others to manipulate the values in the cell (by changing the cell’s ‘Unprotected cell’ property), but the new values will not be saved.
  • Properties:
    • Hide tabbar – useful if there is only one sheet in the spreadsheet or if the user doesn’t allow to switch betweet tabs.
    • Show grids
    • Show column header
    • Show row header

The next step is to click ‘Publish spreadsheet’ button. The published spreadsheet will be given a new address, which can be copied to clipboard and shared with others.

The published spreadsheet can be removed at any time by selecting ‘Remove published link’ button.

A sample published spreadsheet can be assessed at this address. This spreadsheet allows to change numerical values to show the dynamically changing charts.

Below you can see the preview of this spreadsheet in iframe element.