Publish dialog

Copy Spreadsheet

There are two methods to copy a spreadsheet:

  • Copy your own spreadsheet just by using menu ‘Main’ -> ‘Save spreadsheet as new’.
  • Copy someone else’s spreadsheet by adding postfix ‘/copy’ at the

Font Awesome in TotalSheets

How To Use Font Awesome

The Font Awesome icons can be shown in TotalSheets spreadsheet. As TotalSheets is html code oriented, it is simple as adding code to cell: <i class="fa fa-name-of-icon"></i> where fa-name-of-icon is a class read more >>

How To Format Cell(s)

Format cell window

Select single cell or range of cells and click a toolbar button  or use menu option Menu->Format->Cell format. This will show a window with 7 possible format types. Select your preferred one. Depending on the type, there are some additional read more >>