IF function


Function name IF
Type Logical
Arguments – test
– then_value
– otherwise_value
Syntax =IF(test, then_value, otherwise_value)
Description Checks whether a condition is met and returns one value if true and another value if false.

The Arguments description:

  1. test – a value or logical expression that is to be evaluated.
  2. then_value – the value to return when test

DATEDIF function


Function name DATEDIF
Type Date
Arguments – start_date
– end_date
– interval
Syntax =DATEDIF(start_date, end_date, interval)
Description Returns the difference between two date values in years, months, or days.

The Arguments description:

  1. start_date – start date in Date format.
  2. end_date – end date in Date format.
  3. interval – interval type to be used (years, months or days). See below.
Interval Result
“Y” Difference in complete years
“M” Difference in complete months
“D” Difference in days
“MD” Difference in days, ignoring months and years
“YM” Difference in months, ignoring days and years
“YD” Difference in days, ignoring years


VLOOKUP in TotalSheets


Function name VLOOKUP
Type Search
Arguments – table
– value
– index
– exactmatch
Syntax =VLOOKUP(table, value, index, exactmatch)
Description Searches down and retrieve data from a specific column in table.

The Arguments description:

  1. table – the table (range) from which to retrieve a value.
  2. value – the value to look for in the first column of a table (range).
  3. index – the column

TotalSheets Functions


Function name IMAGE
Type TotalSheets specific
Arguments – src
– mode
– width
– height
– title viagra genérico españa
Syntax =IMAGE(src, mode, width, height, title)
Description Creates an image from a provided link.

The modes description:

  1. Stretch image to a cell width, keep aspect ratio
  2. Stretch image to a cell size, no aspect ratio
  3. Stretch image to a given size

TotalSheets Functions


Function name SHEET
Type TotalSheets specific
Arguments – sheet_number
– cell_range
Syntax =SHEET(sheet_number, cell_range)
Description Returns the value or range from another sheet in the spreadsheet.

The arguments description:

sheet_number – a sheet number (1, 2, …) or cell address (A1, C7, …), specifying number of sheet,

cell_range – a cell address

TotalSheets Functions


Function name CHART
Type Graphical
Arguments – xvalues
– yvalues
– library
– type
– options
Syntax =CHART(xvalues, yvalues, library, type, options)
Description Shows a chart based on the chosen library.

The arguments description:

xvalues – a sequence of numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, …) or cell addresses (A1, A2, A3, …) or a range (A1:A20) specifying labels on x-axis,

yvalues – a sequence of numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, …) or cell addresses (A1, A2, A3, …) or a range (A1:A20) specifying values on y-axis,

library – “rgraph” (with quotes, single or double) specifying library,

type – “line”, “bar”, “pie”, … (with quotes) specifying type of the chart,

options – library specific options, like thickness of the line or bar, shadow etc. Currently the full specification can be found on the library’s website. Options are not mandatory and the field can be left blank. If the value of option is to be TRUE or FALSE, it needs to be given with quotes (“TRUE” or “true”). The same applies to the colours (“blue”).


  • RGraph charts that can be used:

Line, Bar, Horizontal Rar, Combined Line & Bar, Pie, Rose, Radar, Bipolar, Fuel, Funnel, Gantt, Gauge, Horizontal Progress, Vertical Progress, Odometer, Meter, Radial Scatter, Scatter, Semicircular Progress, Thermometer, Waterfall.

The option descriptions can be found at RGraph reference page.