TotalSheets For WP – WordPress Plugin

TotalSheets For WP is a simple plugin that helps to show published TS spreadsheets in WordPress posts or pages. All what is required is to insert a shortcode wherever in a post or page.

Shortcode with a minimal requirement:

[totalsheets-for-wordpress spreadsheetid="spreadsheet_id"]

where spreadsheet_id indicates the last 12 chars in the published spreadsheet link

A number of optional parameters for the shortcode can be set:

id – a unique identifier if more than one spreadsheet is to be shown in post/page. Default = “totalsheets-for-wordpress”.

width – width of the frame in % or px (100% by default).

height – height of the frame in % or px (auto by default).

autosize – auto sizing of the frame based on the content. Default = “true”.

border – show a border around the frame. Default = 0. Border style can be specified e.g., “3px solid black”

header – show a header bar with logo and ‘copy spreadsheet’ link (if copylink is set to “true”). Default = “true”.

headercolor – set a color for the header. Default = “#eee”.

copylink – show a ‘copy spreadsheet’ link. Default = “false”.


[totalsheets-for-wordpress spreadsheetid="rYjVX5XlmlLV" width=”100%” height="400px" autosize="false" border="1px solid #eee" copylink="true"]

The result is shown below:



1.0.0 – Released: May 02, 2019

Initial release