Top Online Spreadsheets That Make Their Way in 2018

Computers are designed to do difficult calculations. Behind the screen, there are just calculators doing what we’ve taught them to do. But they are still very good at crunching numbers – far better than an average human being. Spreadsheets are one of the most trusted apps. They may seem to be the main reason why many businesspeople purchased computers. They crunch millions of numbers at once for big companies, serve as CRM or Project management apps. Microsoft Excel has been considered as the best spreadsheet tool by many back then, but now you can run an online spreadsheet app on your phone or computer web browser, it’s that easy now.

Want to know all about online spreadsheet services?

We have selected a number of platforms that provide online spreadsheets these days. We tried to make this list as much complete as possible, but of course you can search internet yourself if you find it not satisfactory. And we hope to join this family soon with our TotalSheets.

Google Sheets:

In 2006, with online collaboration, Google Sheets made software with a killer interface. Google Sheets provide a full-featured free spreadsheet software that works online in any browser and became the highly profitable number crunching software.

In Google Sheet, you can create, edit, and share your worksheets with collaborators. You can point-out changes, comments on changes to your colleagues. It has large template gallery to make your report stand-out from the others. Google Sheets provide colorful charts, graphs and built-in formulas for ease of use. Application is available at most of the web browsers including Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari.

Google Sheets offers both free and paid plans.


Smartsheet makes the task even simpler than Google Sheets. Because of its online feature, Smartsheet made collaboration with your co-workers easy, with the same tool (Spreadsheet) everyone already knows how to use. You can jump between different spreadsheet with a tabbed interface. Smartsheet keeps notes, comment, information that you want to save, calendar, and Gmail.

Smartsheet offers a basic plan for £11/month for an individual user.

Zoho Sheet:

Zoho sheet is for creating team data report. This software stands out from other free spreadsheet software by offering a bunch of features in a single package with good performance. Zoho sheets’ capability to import and export in many different formats makes it easy going. There are no troubles when you import spreadsheet that was created in Excel. It is a part of an online application called Zoho Office, which includes word processor and Zoho Writer. Other features include a full audit trail, cloud storage, a macro reader, and VBA support.

The use of Zoho Sheet is user-friendly thanks to a good mixture of Office ribbon and traditional menus. You can see what your team is working on using Zoho Docs reporting tools.

Zoho Sheets provide free service up to 25 users. Paid plans start with €5/month per user.


If you want a quick listing info, without developer help, Airtable is for you. It’s a combination of an online sheet with good database connectivity. Its fields can provide more than one forms of content and combine with ease. You can add data like images and file attachments directly from your worksheet.

Airtable offers free and limited packages Free package offers 1.2k rows per database, 2GB space for attachment and from $10/month per user up to 5k rows per database.


Looking for collaborative and self-hosted online spreadsheets? EtherCalc is for you. You can easily gather data from your colleagues. Similar to the Etherpad writing application, EtherCalc gives you online editor, with a public link attached to your spreadsheet. You can share that link with your co-workers so that they can add data along with graphs to your spreadsheet.

It is the simplest way to collect and share data with your colleagues. It’s not a full-featured package, but you can run it on your private server.

EtherCalc is free and open-source.

Quip Spreadsheet:

If you want to chat with your team member about research while preparing reports, Quip does it all in one. It may seem more simplistic than your everyday spreadsheet application, but Quip offers more function than your average spreadsheet. Quip also provide templates that make your data look great without much efforts. There’s no graphs and charts, but the help of conditional formatting you can point out trends your data. Using spreadsheet interface you can edit numbers, merge your spreadsheet with document alongside with images and text.

Thanks to Quip’s native app you can work on your spreadsheet even when you’re offline. Quip Spreadsheets is available on iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, and your desktop.

You can start using Quip with a free trial. Team plan: $30/month for a
team of five.

Microsoft Excel:

Microsoft Excel is the most popular standalone spreadsheet app. As a part of Microsoft Office suite, this app is installed on a vast number of business and home computers. Excel is powerful, easy-to-use, and provide full-packaged functions of any spreadsheet on this list. There are add-ons that analyze data, create tables, with help of macro recorder you can create your own automation. You can use free Office Online version in your browser or download Excel for free on Android and iOS devices.

Excel is free on mobile and web, there are different paid plans for Office 365 and Office Home editions.

LibreOffice Calc:

LibreOffice is a spreadsheet app and it is called by many as the most full-featured office suites you can get for free. You can get the full package of charts and pivot table tools along with as many functions as Excel.

LibreOffice runs on Mac, Windows, Linux, so to collaborate you’ll have to use rollApp version of LibreOffice or Dropbox. You can use all of its features right from your computer browser.

LibreOffice is free and open-source.


Apple’s Numbers is for Mac and free with all new Macs can be downloaded from Mac App Store at no cost. It allows free download to anyone with an Apple ID at iCloud. Numbers includes many templates for business and personal use, also provide a shapes package. The app is equipped with easy-to-use formulas, different style to personalize your worksheet.

Numbers is offered for iPhones and iPads users. You can add another spreadsheet with numbers and you can store all data in iCloud. For example, you can work on your Numbers spreadsheet on iOS devices and it also updates automatically your data on iCloud. And the changes you made show up everywhere.

Numbers is available at no cost, but only for iOS and Mac users.


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