Simple Weekly Schedule

Sometimes you need to show to others your own or your organization’s schedule. The Weekly Schedule spreadsheet helps to solve this problem. You can embed published spreadsheet onto your post/page in iframe and change content whenever required.

It is a simple example, which can be improved and specifically tailored to your requirements and it takes approx. 10-15 min. to create it.

Start with a new spreadsheet and limit the size of new sheet to 23 rows x 8 columns. Merge all cells in the first row . Align text vertically and horizontally to center. Change font, fill and text colour to your requirements (we used Gruppo font, #00b0f0 color for fill and white for text).

The second or third row can be used to show the days of the week. And again change font, add fill and text colour. You also can add the borders (we used top and bottom border).

In the first column you can specify the hours you want to show. Depending whether you need to split an hour into smaller periods you can use two (half an hour) or four (quarter) or any other number of rows for each hour. We used half an hour division, therefore 23 rows were required. If you need a different division, use more (or less) number of rows adequately. Merge rows for each hour, change font, add border, fill and text colour to your requirement.

Fill cells for the hours with your data. You are ready to publish your spreadsheet.

Let us know what you think about this spreadsheet. Share your own.