Charts in TotalSheets (short update April 2018)

Data visualization helps people to understand huge amounts of data in easily digestible visuals. Charts are usually the simplest way to present the information. Here we just give a short update on the charting possibilities in TotalSheets. The users will be able to use different 3rd party javascript/jquery chart libraries in their online spreadsheets. As the core libraries we will be using RGraph and jQuery Sparklines.

For a start see the screenshots for Bar, Horizontal Bar, Line, Combined, Pie and Donut charts created with RGraph library (other to follow).

TotalSheets Bar Charts
Bar Charts


TotalSheets Line and Combined Charts
Line and Combined Charts


TotalSheets Horizontal Bar Charts
Horizontal Bar Charts


TotalSheets Pie and Donut Charts
Pie and Donut Charts

Let us know your opinion which chart library would be most in demand for your purposes.