5 Ways To Use TotalSheets Spreadsheet

Here are 5 ways that TotalSheets spreadsheet can make your life easier.

1. Online calculator

You can use over 360 functions built into our spreadsheets. Use them to create your own calculators for finance, engineering or any other data analysis. As you can store data in a structured way, your calculator doesn’t need to be just a simple one.

2. Data visualization

Show your data in an attractive way with the help of our charts.  Allow other visitors to see your work and to manipulate the results (published mode).

3. Planning

Create calendars, schedules and programmes (project programme, meal planner, office time schedule, etc.). Update them on the fly and show them to the others instantly (published mode).

4. Checklist

Home, store or office inventory checklist can be a good example. And again, you can keep it for yourself or share it with others in published mode.

5. Message board

Use your spreadsheet as a message board for the online quick announcements related to your business or personal life.

Do you have any other ideas how to use our spreadsheets? Share them with us and others.